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I have retired from writing software, so all utilities have been made freeware and have limited support going forwards. A few new 'odds and ends' will still probably appear over time, which will be put into the Odd Box. Source code for all software is available for a one time donation if you wish to acquire anything.
Many thanks to everyone for your very kind support and encouragement over the years.

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. At, we offer a number of privately written software tools for a variety of useful applications. DogsByte.Com products are not-for-profit and the development/support is funded by very kind donations from users. Read the latest news on product releases.

If you think I've done a good job then help me out with a donation.

Mailwasher Utilities (Deprecated);

  • BLScanLite is a revised version of the old BLScanPlus tool and supercedes all previous versions. It is a collection of free utilities for use with the popular anti-spam package Mailwasher. This extends the capabilities of the Mailwasher package to include comprehensive blacklist and trash management. BLScanLite has many enhancements over the previous version(s), it is also freeware.
  • Note: BLScanLite is not needed with MailWasher 2010 onwards, Firetrust finally got the message and have integrated the functionality!

General Purpose Texting Tools;

  • MultiSub allows Find/Replace operations to be performed on multiple files (hundreds or even thousands at a time!). MultiSub supports text search by string, by file content and by use of regular expressions. The replacement text can be a string or file content. MultiSub also allows sequences of operations to be run and stored for use on subsequent occasions. MultiSub is targeted at plain text files, such as HTML, PHP and XML for example. It is ideal for programmers, database administrators, IT support staff and particularly web site owners who may wish to regularly modify hundreds of files to update menus, adverts etc. embedded in their code. MultiSub is freeware.
  • MultiSubLite is a 'lite' command line version of MultiSub. This supports find/replace operations on one or more files, using text strings or file content as the find/replace text. MultiSubLite is intended for use in batch scripts and is similar to the Linux tool "sed". MultiSubLite is freeware.
  • MultiWord is a partner to MultiSub, except that MultiWord is targeted at Microsoft Word 'doc' files. MultiWord offers most of the same capabilities as MultiSub and allows users to perform Find/Replace operations on large quantities of Word files. MultiWord is a general purpose utility that has applications in many environments from the workplace, to the home. MultiWord is freeware.

Odd Box;

  • ToggleCaps is a bizarre but very useful program for anyone that uses remote access. If you remotely connect to a computer which has the Caps Lock key set, you cannot change the state of that key! So ToggleCaps is the answer, install it on the remote machine and run it to toggle the state of the Caps Lock key! ToggleCaps is freeware.
  • ScreenGrab is a prototype replacement for the Microsoft Photo Editor, which allows the capture of screen images. ScreenGrab is freeware.

  • ShellIconEditor ShellIconEditor allows the order of the Windows Shell Icon Overlay Identifiers to be modified. Shell Icons are limited and only the top 15 in the registry get used. If you're using DropBox, Box, OneDrive and similar services, the icons can be a mess. ShellIconEditor uses a simple 'trick' of adding leading spaces to set your preferred order. There is a GUI version and a command line 'Console' version. ShellIconEditor is freeware.
  • See a list of recommended 3rd party freeware on this page too


Shell Icon Overlay Identifiers Editor has been released. A little utility to help sort out the ordering of Shell Icon Overlay Identifier Icons (which have a habit of disappearing as Cloud services keep moving them around).

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