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First Time User

All software was written on a W2K platform and will run on any platform from Windows 2000 upwards.

Step 1
.NET Framework
Utilities make use of the Microsoft .NET Framework, you may be prompted to download it (you most likely already have it).

Step 2
Download a utility
To download a utility see Terms and Conditions then download the relevant zip file below by clicking the link and saving the file to your desktop;

Download Link

To install, right-click on the downloaded zip file and select "Extract All...". Note that the user must have read/write access to the final location.

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The utilities no longer make use of an automated installer for installation, this was typically more trouble than it was worth and the majority of users seem to prefer to locate downloaded programs themselves anyway. Note that the user must have read/write access to the final location.

So once downloaded and extracted, you can make a shortcut to the program which can be located on your desktop or other preferred location(s). In the case of tools such as MultiSub/MultiWord, it can be useful to locate shortcut(s) directly within your file structure for ease of access.

To delete a utility, just delete the zip file and extracted folder (taking care that you have not put anything additiional into it that you may want to keep).

Installing an Update

To install an update, download the new zip file and replace any previous version (it is not necessary to download the .NET framework again).

Terms & Conditions

Software available from this site are privately developed utilities and are not supplied with any form of guarantee, warranty or commitment of future support. This software is made available from this website only. Each utility is used entirely at your risk, the author has no responsibility, liability or accountability for any loss or damage that may be incurred as a consequence of its usage, either as standalone utility or when used in conjunction with any other software.

You agree not to copy, redistribute or resell this software.

The software is
protected by international copyright law.

By downloading and using these utilities, you accept these conditions of usage.