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MultiSub 2005
A FREE utility for batch Find/Replace


What is MultiSub?

MultiSub is a FREE general purpose Find/Replace tool for plain text files (such as txt, html, php etc.), MultiSub also supports RTF files and Find/Insert operations.

Many similar tools exist which sell for up to $100!, MultiSub works great, is simple to use, has the same capabilities as other expensive commercial products, but best of all, it's FREE. So if you want a good general purpose workhorse that can, in some cases, do more than expensive commercial tools, use MultiSub. See the screenshot

Do not spend any of your hard earned money on a similar utility until you have tried MultiSub!

MultiSub is available as a GUI version and is also available as a command line version, called MultiSubLite. MultiSubLite is also free and is a command line driven tool intended for batch scripting, it has similar features to the Linux tool "sed".

Latest version: MultiSub V2.0.0

Includes MultiSubLite
- A 'lite' command line version of MultiSub















MultiWord V2.0.0 is now available!

A version of MultiSub for Word!

What people say about MultiSub...

My provider has just moved my website to a new server. Unfortunately it is now case sensitive. Some sloppy coding a few years ago means that this suddenly became a problem - with 18,000 files affected! Having suddenly woken up screaming in the middle of the night I thought I'd enter "Find and Replace" in google and there you were Your program is just wonderful.
Your new friend for life.

MultiSub What can MultiSub do?

Multiple Find/Replace operations on multiple files.
  • The 'Find' string can be;
    • A text string
    • Regular Expression (all major options are fully supported)
    • The contents of a file
    • A member of a Find/Replace pair in a delimited text file
  • The 'Replace' string can be;
    • A text String
    • The contents of a file
    • A member of a Find/Replace pair in a delimited text file
  • Performs a Find/Replace operation on multiple files with a single mouse click.
  • Performs batch sequences of Find/Replace operations on multiple files with a single mouse click.
  • Performs Find/Insert operations, with insert before/after and newline options.
  • Performs Find/Delete operations.
  • Performs 'trials' to examine what results would be obtained.
  • Allows interactive evaluation of 'Find' strings and regular expressions.
  • Highlighting of HTML, PHP, XML syntax.
  • Window resizer to fit to your monitor size.
  • Allows quick 'in pane' edit of Find/Replace files.
  • Stores 'state' files, so users can store a given setup and restart where they left off.
  • Allows state files to be overlaid.
  • A collection of state files can be executed as a batch operation.
  • Performs batch sequences driven from list of Find/Replace pairs held in a text file.
  • MultiSub also makes backups of input files, this allows users to quickly roll back to any previous version
  • Reads all text files, including all flavours of Unicode
I am always eager to make MultiSub better and better. So if there is a function you wanted that MultiSub does not support, contact me and I'll add it (for free).

Is it really free?, or is this download a timed trial?

Yes, it is free and no it is not a timed trial.

MultiSub What can it be used for?

  • General purpose text replacement.
  • MultiSub is ideal for web designers that need to;
    • Execute Find/Replace (and/or Find/Insert) operations on large numbers of files
    • Execute sequences of Find/Replace operations
    • Execute sequences from a delimited text file
    • Replace text in a file, where the text to replace is specified as a string, regular expression or the text content of another file and the replacement text is a text string or the text content of another file
    • Include text from one file into another file (e.g. implementing an 'include' capability for HTML without having to edit text 'markers' into each and every file)
    • Alternatively MultiSub can be used to edit in text markers without having to do this manually.

How can I learn how to use MultiSub?

Click here for a tutorial

How can I learn about Regular Expressions?

For more comprehensive education, there are many excellent books and web sites that provide tutorials on developing regular expressions. It does not make sense to produce yet another site, however a quick reference guide is accessible from the MultiSub menu and an overview is here.

I am interested in using MultiSub to overcome the absence of the 'include' capability in HTML?

MultiSub can provide that capability. Click here for a tutorial devoted to that subject.

Can I use it within batch scripts?

A compact version of MultiSub is available for this purpose, see MultiSubLite.

Where can I get it?

Download it here.

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