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MultiWord 2006
A batch Find/Replace utility for Microsoft Word


What is MultiWord?

MultiWord is a companion tool to the extremely popular MultiSub (a free utility for batch find/replace in text files). MultiWord however is specifically targeted at batch Find/Replace operations for Microsoft Word files.

If you need to change, update, correct or apply a sequence of edits to a collection of Word files, then MultiWord is for you. In fact, MultiWord can process thousands or even millions of files! MultiWord is simple to use and has the same capabilities as other expensive commercial products (but without the 'expensive' part!). Specify the files you want changed, enter the find and replace text, then have MultiWord do the work.

So if you want a good workhorse to take
the drudgery out of manually updating dozens of documents, use MultiWord.

See the screenshot, MultiWord has both browser window and word window modes to display the files in progress.

Latest Version: MultiWord V2.0.0

Fixed bug writing log file
- Fixed bug where filenames were not written out to the log file correctly

MultiWord What can MultiWord do?

Multiple Find/Replace operations on multiple files.
  • Performs a Find/Replace operation on multiple files with a single mouse click.
  • Choose the document stories (e.g. headers, footers, comments etc.) in which the Find/Replace action should be applied
  • Provides the same options as Word for text matching such as wildcards, case sensitivity, whole words, word forms etc.
  • Provides the same options as Word for special characters
  • Performs batch sequences of Find/Replace operations on multiple files with a single mouse click.
  • Performs Find/Delete operations.
  • Performs 'trials' to examine what results would be obtained.
  • Stores 'state' files, so users can store a given setup and restart where they left off.
  • Allows state files to be overlaid.
  • A collection of state files can be executed as a batch operation.
  • Window resizer to fit to your monitor size.
  • MultiWord also makes backups of input files, this allows users to quickly roll back to any previous version
  • MultiWord is a proper application, not a dumb Word macro!
I am always eager to make MultiWord better. So if there is a function you wanted that MultiWord does not support, contact me and I'll add it.

Is it really free?, or is this download a timed trial?

Yes, it is free and no it is not a timed trial.

How can I learn how to use MultiWord?

Click here for a tutorial

Where can I get it?

Download it here.

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