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The following programs are all software that I wrote for my own use, but may be useful to others. I also show some other freeware tools that are available.


ToggleCaps is a bizarre but very useful program for anyone that uses remote access. If you remotely connect to a computer (using something like RealVNC) which has the Caps Lock key set, you cannot change the state of that key! So ToggleCaps is the answer, install it on the remote machine and run it to toggle the state of the Caps Lock key.



ScreenGrab is a screen capture program. I wrote this a while back as a replacement for the Microsoft Photo Editor, but I never completed the documentation for it. It's quite intuitive though...


ShellconEditor allows the order of the Windows Shell Icon Overlays to be modified. Shell Icons are limited and only the top 15 in the registry get used. Cloud service providers in particular are constantly fighting to put their Shell Overlays at the top of the list, which is to the detriment of the users (but when did cloud service providers ever consider users or the user experience as being important!).

ShellIconEditor uses a simple 'trick' of adding leading spaces to set your preferred order.
There is a GUI version and a command line 'Console' version. The manner of usage is fairly obvious but if you somehow mess your registry up, don't blame me (you should always make backups of your registry regardless).


The following software tools are not written by me, but are freeware and very useful.


Free file comparison software from winmerge


A free icon editor from icofx 

Free Pascal

A free Pascal compiler imaginatively called freepascal

Sea Monkey

A free web page editor from the seamonkey-project